Things that ULMWP Has to Realize in Papua

ULMWP stands for United Liberation Movements of West Papua. This is one of those separatist group that wants Papua to be free and out of Indonesia. Unfortunately, this free west Papua movement has not realized that the tactics that they use is not that true at all. There is some information told by them that are not that true at all. Because of that reason, this organization needs to open their eyes because their intention has been realized in Papua.

For the start, they think that Papua does not have power to rule its own island. That is one fatal mistake because even though Papua is one part of Indonesia, it was given its own power to govern the province. Based on the west Papua news, the governance in Papua needs to be taken primarily from the local people. This one is done because only the local people know how the real condition on the field is. Because of that reason, from 100 government staff, more than 80 of them come from Papua itself.

The ULMWP also said that the national government of Indonesia has taken the right from the local people. If that is something that this group said, then it is still not clear about what kind of right that was taken. That is because the national government gives the same rights to all of its citizen in Indonesia, especially in Papua. That is because the government does not want the west Papua conflict to happen again. Because of that reason, even the national government tried their best to give the rights to the citizen in Papua such as the right to vote, the right to speak, and even the right to get the proper access to education and medication. That is one sure thing that ULMWP has to realize.


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